Golden Yoga Meditation Teacher Training Program

Advanced level of education

The goal of training program is to train teachers of golden yoga meditation for efficient application of in diverse fields of life.

Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh – Osho, is the first to disclose the concept of golden yoga meditation in Pune – India. It takes us to the source and gives us the answer to the question WHO AM I? The golden meditation technique has been passed down from person to person as an effective and powerful process of transformation. It is spreading around the world, relatively quickly, for decades without the Internet, e-mail and social networking sites from ear to ear of true seekers.

“There is no more glorious path or more primordial journey than the path to ourselves! We are so woven together that we are already on that path of searching for a golden identity, we just need to realize it. That is why discovering our deepest light of identity is our greatest treasure and deepest power.

Golden yoga meditation is a method of self-development that leads us directly to the deepest hidden secret about who we are, to a pure and immediate insight into consciousness and a deep and clear self-awareness of who we are, what we are and why we are here.

Golden yoga meditation is an encounter with the truth that changes us and transforms our life towards good, happiness, love and fulfillment, if we are dedicated in its application. It is the path to inner beauty, exaltation and well-being. The golden potential that is revealed, and which is found in all of us, is a great basis and foundation for success and development on the path of personal improvement and change.”



  • about the sources of yoga meditation

  • about the Samyama concept as the foundation of golden yoga meditation

  • about ways of individual and group performing of golden yoga meditation

  • about the dimensions of golden yoga meditation and forms of its application

  • about the therapeutic effects of golden yoga meditation

  • about the meditative levels that can be reached by applying golden yoga meditation

  • about the effect of golden yoga meditation on the removal of obstacles that hinder the energy pulsation in the chakras (energy centres)

  • about golden yoga meditation as a meditative support

  • about the function and effects of the golden yoga meditative network

  • about yoga meditative aggregates

  • about energy transfer through yoga meditation

The program is intended for seekers who feel the need for more.

We cannot provide our practitioners with more than what we have – what we have internalized and acquired as experience, knowledge and skills.

Learn how to enhance your yoga classes and make them even more interesting and effective for the practitioners.

You will delight your students with a new approach and knowledge and attract new students.

You will learn how to recognise the causes of your challenges and how to manage the outcomes.

You will learn how to manage all dimensions of your being, having insight into your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being at all times.
You will learn progressive yoga methods to connect with yourself on an even deeper level and to discover and recognize where your core (inner Teacher) is directing you through experiences.

You will learn to work to overcome the cause of the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms.

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