The Concept of Yoga Intelligence

Yoga exists for centuries as an independent discipline of self-development and philosophy of living. Modern approach requires from us the unbiased perception and research of yoga as the discipline of self-improvement, its methods and effects of practice.

Prof. Predrag K. Nikić. PhD, a yoga doyen, dedicated a years of his life to research in yoga and inteligence. From the professor’s long-term research and experience working with yoga teachers, the concept of yoga intelligence emerged.

Yoga intelligence can be defined as the ability to use resources as a whole, the ability to realize, understand and manage our deepest meanings and purposes by searching to the meaning, the ability to recognize all of the life’s unpredictable events as the signs for development and maturation, relying mostly on the depth of experience, i.e. insight, with the aim of achieving unity – the state of Samadhi [1].

The concept of yoga intelligence consists of three key components:

  • awareness, which includes: awareness of self and awareness of the environment
  • ability of understanding and
  • ability of managing internal processes and relations.

On the path of self-development yoga practitioners strengthen the awareness of their own potentials, therefore their abilities to understand, express and manage them also increase.