The goal of the International Yoga Academy (hereinafter IYA) is to coordinate the activities of members, maintain and develop established standards, and a joint presentation of the effects of yoga.

The IYA was established to contribute to the general development and prosperity of citizens through its activities in the field of yoga, by promoting and improving yoga as a culture; health; recreation and sports as well as a healthy lifestyle, child and youth care; helping the elderly, people with disabilities; scientific and educational activities, social protection; recreational sports; ecology; preservation of tradition; education development; art and creative development.

To achieve the set goals, the IYA performs the following tasks:

– deals with issues of education, lifelong learning and training of yoga professionals,

– performs other activities with the aim of developing yoga, collects and processes scientific and professional literature in the field of yoga and sustainable development; independently or in conjunction with other organizations organizes yoga events and yoga competitions, professional meetings, scientific conferences, festivals, retreats, seminars educational programs and other forms of yoga education,

– in accordance with the law, cooperates with universities, colleges, professional and other organizations,

– represents the common interests of its members before public authorities and organizations,

– organize and provide technical assistance to its members in improving their work in their fields of activity,

– supports the work of its members by awarding prizes and honors for outstanding achievements and contributions to the development of yoga in Europe,

– takes care of the health of yoga practitioners,

– coordinates the activities of members…

IYA members participate in:

– in the Yoga Teacher Training Program accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports,

– in lifelong learning and training programs for yoga professionals,

– professional and scientific meetings, festivals, camps and other forms of education in the field of yoga.

The application for membership is sent to e-mail:

IYA members have the following rights:

– participation in all IYA activities,

– participation in vocational training in the field of yoga,

– counseling in the field of yoga,

– professional support in the field of yoga,

– participation in the organization of all activities carried out by the IYA.