Professor Predrag K. Nikic is a composer and a performer. 

He sees music as a form of meditation. The author emphasizes: this kind of music is not listened to – one is suppose to ”surrender” to it with eyes closed and the body in a state of relaxation.

“His music is a sort of inner communication saturated with deep emotion. It connects the listener to the deepest messages originating from their mysterious inner being.” 

“His music leads us along intimate paths – without obstacle towards the Corethe inner Center the Essence. It dives deep and reveals the hidden beauty of our inner being. Love, joy, excitement… emerge as answers. The listeners have the opportunity to awaken and deepen the experience of: joy, blissfulness, love, unity, peace, harmony and coexisting in balance with the environment.” 

yoga music predrag nikic

This kind of music can also be used as a means for self-perfection (raising the levels of consciousness) because it enables the reception, understanding and use of one’s internal energetic potentials. Surrender to the healing effects of this pleasant music.